Eva Hosnedlová
Music Composer

Show me your naked stories. Frame by frame. Word by word.

And I will dress them in emotions with my music.



Music is what feelings sound like and I love to share and express emotions with my music and sound design.    

I made music for projects by Sanda,s.r.o., NROS, ADRA, Sirius, American-Czech TV, Sasazu restaurant, Strizna.cz and more…                      

I will be happy to make music for your visual projects too.  Let’s make something great together.              

You can meet me for a cup of coffee in the heart of Europe in Prague.

“Eva’s soundtrack is a very
emotional and dramatic remix. Whenever I was
listening to this track a heroic end scene of a
sci-fi film visualised in my brain. I love the build
up and the continuously growing tension
which never looses the listener. This remix is a
very complex work. Eva put the multiple layers
together with a precision of a surgeon.
Brilliantly arranged and mixed.”

The Allegorist

Contact me: eva@evahosnedlova.cz

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